Digital assets

Jersey has established itself as a fintech friendly jurisdiction, for virtual currency exchanges, security token and non-security token issuances and custody services businesses holding digital assets. Jersey has an exceptional pool of crypto and blockchain talent and is a leading jurisdiction for fintech structuring.

Entrust’s digital assets team has a comprehensive understanding of the Jersey regulatory position and strong relationships with local and international legal and accountancy firms intellectually invested in the digital asset space. As a business, we align ourselves with the best advisors in this emerging field.

Corporate clients

The Entrust team has first-hand experience of establishing structures for corporate clients working with Virtual Currency Exchanges (VCEs). Specifically, we have worked closely with clients and their advisors in an end-to-end process (including amending existing AML and Compliance manuals and mapping controls to ensure they adhere to Jersey regulatory requirements), ultimately leading to registration under the Proceeds of Crime (Jersey) Law 1999 as a “supervised business”.

Private clients

There is an increasing demand for succession planning solutions for private clients who hold crypto.

Entrust works closely with key private client advisors to tailor wealth planning solutions for individuals and families, which can encompass digital assets either exclusively or as part of a wider range of asset classes.

We are able to provide more information on the digital asset space and our services upon request.