Why Jersey

The key reasons for Jersey to be your jurisdiction of choice for offshore financial services are:-

  • It has been a leading international finance centre for over half a century.
  • It has a proven track record of providing high-quality offshore financial services.
  • It has a comprehensive infrastructure of modern laws and regulations which has set precedents adopted by other jurisdictions.
  • It has an established Court system.
  • It is internationally recognised as a highly reputable jurisdiction by FATF, Moneyval, the OECD and IMF and is consistently the recipient of national and international accolades and awards.
  • It is a Crown Dependency and celebrates over 800 years of domestic autonomy.
  • It has easy access to the UK, Europe and beyond.
  • It is home to a significant pool of talented finance industry professionals.
  • It offers a compelling and robust range of philanthropic solutions to global investors.
  • It has a long-established track record in the Gulf Cooperation Council for providing financial services, including experience in managing Shariah compliant products and services.
  • It offers a tax neutral setting.
  • It hosts a significant range of financial services firms which is crucial to an environment where demonstrating economic substance has become essential.
  • It has long term political and economic stability and reliability.
  • It has established itself as a fintech friendly jurisdiction, for virtual currency exchanges, security token and non-security token issuances and custody services for digital assets businesses looking to operate in a well-regulated jurisdiction