We have a significant amount of experience as Trustees for all trust types and trusts under the proper law of Jersey and other jurisdictions such as Guernsey, Cayman and the UK. We offer the following headline services: Trustee, Protector or Advisor, Beneficiary Education and Dispute Resolution.


This service includes but is not limited to:

  • Establishment (not limited to Jersey).
  • Provision of Jersey resident Trustee.
  • Day to day administration.
  • Management of all tax, regulatory and compliance related reporting in accordance with advice.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Accounting.

Protector or Advisor

In the role of Protector or Advisor we may provide comfort to a Settlor with any concern regarding the carrying out of their wishes. We may also be a common point of contact for beneficiaries and act as an interface with the Trustee and other professional advisors, ensuring that service levels remain high and fees are proportionate to the work being undertaken. In times of discord, we can provide a valuable perspective, helping parties to find common ground, and assisting in bringing about a resolution.

Beneficiary Education

Experience has taught us that many of the disputes which arise in a trust context could have been avoided had communication with the key parties been clearer. We firmly believe that educating beneficiaries about the concept of a trust, how it works, the roles of Settlor and Beneficiary, and the decision-making role of the Trustee dispels myths and assists in open communication and encourages healthy discussions about family values and governance issues.

Dispute Resolution

The unfortunate reality is that sometimes Trustees, third party professionals, Settlors and/ or Beneficiaries find themselves embroiled in disagreement. At Entrust, we are highly experienced in dispute resolution. Good relationships are worth saving, and it is in the best interests of all parties concerned if the dispute in question can be resolved swiftly. To this end, the involvement of an impartial third party, with experience and understanding of such matters, helps to ensure fairness. We believe this gives all stakeholders the best chance of continuing a good relationship.

Family governance

Many families find it helpful to put a family governance framework in place to ensure all members share a clear set of values and understand what is expected of them. Having a clear and open dialogue enables family members to ask the questions which really matter to them and can avoid disputes that might emerge otherwise.

Private Trust Company

A Private Trust Company can be an effective governance framework. A family can establish their own corporate trustee, which can be managed by family members alongside Entrust as a regulated director.

Family Office

We offer an outsourced family office service that does not require you to have a fully staffed business, with premises and associated costs.

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